Society Diary

Hot Topics:

  • There is a rota sheet for members supporting the next open day on 1 October on the clubhouse noticeboard. To cope with the queues anticipated after the success of this month's open day (over 200 visitors), all members are asked to help out with this event. A video and some photos of the open day in September are on our new Facebook Page.
  • Eddie Attree is back with us - hoorah - but is still convalescing. In the meantime the Wednesday evening diary is looking a very thin. Any offers to present or lead some activity would be most welcome.

Wednesday Evenings

Eddie Attree is the coordinator for Wednesday meetings. On Wednesdays, "Bitz" means that members bring objects or subjects for discussion to the clubhouse. Wednesday meetings start at 1930 hrs and finish at about 2115 hrs with tea and cake (unless shown differently).

Other Events

19 Sep
Bitz 6 Oct Last Public Running Day of 2018(1300-1700)
26 Sep
Health & Safety Update - Chris Lewis-Cooper 6 Mar 2019 First Public Running Day of 2019 (1300-1700)
3 Oct
Bitz 6-8 Sep 2019 CNMES will be hosting the 7ΒΌ Inch Society's AGM
10 Oct
Model Engineering sort Part 2 - Dave Woolven    
17 Oct
24 Oct
Tasmanian Wlderness Railway (Part 2) - Chris Lewis-Cooper    
31 Oct



NB: Attractions and Events may be subject to availability and change